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Anytime you experience a fire in your home it can be devastating for you and your family. It will always be very stressful and often times confusing, but this is why you need FloodPros to guide you through the process to make it as easy and painless as possible. Our certified experts will treat your home and belongs with great care and love to insure that everything is taken care of and protected.

FloodPros deals with fire, water and mold damage on a daily basis and our experts will be at your home once the fire department leaves to start the restoration process. There is a good chance that your home will experience water damage from the fire department since they had to put the fire out. We have the staff, equipment and knowledge to repair your home back to original condition like before the fire.

We offer 24 hours emergency service 7 days a week, 365 days a year so that we are always available for your emergencies. Anytime a fire happens it is critical to respond to the fire as soon as possible to reduce the damage. The fast response will always help to reduce secondary damage and reduce the overall cost of the repairs.

There is a 7 Step Process when it comes to Fire Restoration

  1. Emergency Contact- As soon as you see fire.
  2. Inspection- You will need a certified expert to inspect the damage.
  3. Board Up- All windows and doors will need to be boarded up.
  4. Water Removal- All the water on the floors will need to be dried up.
  5. Smoke- The smoke residue will need to be removed from the home.
  6. Cleaning- Everything inside the home will be need to cleaned and sanitized.
  7. Restoration- The home will need to be restoration to pre-fire condition.





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When faced with water damage, take immediate action by contacting us any time of the day or night. Together we will save what we can, and curb further damage before getting down to the restoration business. With us, you can rest assured that your work is being handled by the right people, and normal home or office operations will resume as soon as possible.

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